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BYLAWS Ute Conference Murray District Football Program
Originally Adopted February 5, 1997
Amended February 10, 2000
Amended January, 2006
Amended April, 2013
Amended March 9, 2016
Amended March 24, 2017

The purpose of the Ute Conference Murray District #03 is to provide the opportunity for the community youth to participate in the game of football. We feel that any youth who desires to play should have the opportunity, regardless of financial or physical limitations.
Our Objective is to teach all players the fundamentals of football, such as passing, running, kicking, blocking and tackling. And at all times build self-esteem, pride and good sportsmanship. 

Murray League shall be governed by a Board of Directors.  Suggested positions for the Board are a President, a Vice President, Fundraising Coordinator, an Equipment Manager, a Field Manager, up to four Coach Liaisons, a Concession Manager, a Treasurer, a Parent Liaison, and a Secretary.  However, the exact makeup of the Board is at the discretion of the President within the bounds of these bylaws.
The Board of Directors shall consist of, at a minimum, five (5) members.
One Board Member may be tasked with several positions, or roles, as defined above.
Board members must reside within Murray District Boundaries.

Bylaw Distribution - All Board members and Coaches shall be issued annually a copy of the Ute Conference Rules, Regulations, and Bylaws along with a copy of the Murray District Bylaws.
Elections - The President Elect shall be elected every other year at the conclusion of the football season by the parents of the participating players of the Murray League. Board Members shall be appointed by the President.
Quorum – One half of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of business at any meeting of the Board.
Meetings - The Board of Directors shall hold regular meetings throughout the year at such place and time as designated by the President.
Special Meetings - Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by or at the request of the President or any member of the Board of Directors.

All appointments, delegations of authority, and committees report solely to the individual or group creating them and have in no way any authority exceeding the authority of the individual or group creating them.
Vacancies - Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors shall be filled for the non-expired term by appointment from the President or by a vote of the Board of Directors.
Resignation - Any member may resign or withdraw by filing a written resignation or withdrawal with the Secretary.
Removal of a Board Member - A Board Member may be removed for cause. Items for cause may include failure to attend board meetings, special meetings and for activities in the calendar year.
Amendments in Bylaws - Any and all amendments, deletions, additions or changes in the Bylaws of the League shall be appropriately submitted during the first ninety days of each calendar year.
Other Changes - These bylaws may be amended during the year by a majority vote of the Board Members.

Take initiative in determining the policies of the District.
Ensure the existence of district Bylaws in addition to Conference Bylaws and uphold and enforce both sets of bylaws according to the decisions and interpretation of the Ute Conference Commissioner and the Murray District President.
Have jurisdiction over the actions of any individual or participant of the District.
Serve on such committee(s) as the President may designate.
Any disciplinary action appeals must have a 75% majority vote by the Board to be overturned.

Preside at the Board Meetings.
Interpret and construe, implement and enforce the Bylaws, policies and determinations made by the league.
The President shall have the responsibility of the interpretation and construction of these Bylaws.
Arbitrate a timely filed protest by a Board Member, coach, parent, or a player with regard to any alleged impropriety, other than the game officiating, which occurs in any game played by that district.
Recommend policies and procedures for consideration by the Board of Directors.
With the consent of the Board of Directors authorize purchasing of all equipment for the District.
Keep the Board of Directors informed of all Ute Conference actions and report on all Ute Conference Meetings.
Disseminate the schedule of games each year, designating dates, times, sites, opponents, and home teams as established by the Ute Conference.
With the Treasurer and appropriate Board Members, draw up a budget each year and present same to the Board for approval.
At the end of each year, the closing books shall be completed and turned into the Ute Conference including receipts, book of deposits, expenditures, etc.
5.1.11  Co-signor of checks

President Elect (every other year) – (Changed in 2016)
Assist with all duties of President.
Assume the duties of District President in absence of District President
If President Elect takes over for current President in the middle of their term then the President Elect will finish out current Presidents Term and then will serve the new Two (2) Year term following.
5.2.4    The new incoming president must sit on the board for one year before taking over the duties of President.

First Vice President
Assist with all duties of President

Second Vice President
Assist with all duties of President

Fundraising CoordinatorOversee fund raising functions of the Murray District.
Form and Chair a Fund Raising Committee if deemed appropriate.
Solicit funds and donations for the District.
Alternate co-signer of checks.

Equipment Manager

Responsible for ordering all district equipment and uniforms.
Keep district inventory and report equipment level and status.
Supervise disbursement of equipment.
Obtain league certification of critical equipment.
Coordinate with Head Coaches for equipment turn in.

Field Manager
Make arrangements for the use of adequate practice and home game fields for all teams, securing the proper permission for the use of these fields.
Ensure that fields are properly prepared for all home games, including lining of fields in accordance with conference requirements, and making sure yard markers, down markers, chains, flags and all other required equipment are properly placed.
Ensure that at the conclusion of games, fields are cleaned and all equipment is returned to the district storage facility.
Form and chair a Field Committee if deemed appropriate.

Coach Liaisons up to Four (4) Board Member Positions  (changed 2016)
Responsible for Head Coach selection for each team in the Murray District. (If Head Coach Selection ends in a tie the President will be the tie breaker)
Second in line for complaints concerning coaches.
Arrange for Coach meetings and clinics.
Monitor coach certifications
Establish format for meetings.

Concession Manager
Procure all foods for Snack Trailer.
Staff Snack Trailer during season usage.
Ensure that required food handler and other permits are obtained and no County Health violations occur.
Maintain cleanliness of Snack Trailer reporting any items requiring repair to the Board of Directors.

Receive and disburse all monies of the district.
Pay all bills incurred by the District, with the approval of the Board.
Co-sign all checks. All District checks shall require two (2) signatures.
Be prepared to furnish financial report to the Board on request.
Ensure that all franchise and other fees are paid to the Ute Conference.
Ensure any and all financial reports required by the Ute Conference are supplied.
Pay the cost of officials, security and Emergency Medical Technicians at every home game.
Responsible for the registration site and all aspects of District sign-ups.

Take minutes of all Board Meetings and provide copies to Board Member(s) upon request.
Minutes will be reviewed at Board Meetings.
Take care of all correspondence for the District.
Responsible for media publication of registration dates and other District events.
Responsible for posters, flyers, advertisement, etc. for registration.
Maintain a roster of Board members and their attendance at Board Meetings.
Maintain and keep accurate team rosters for each team fielded. Maintain the master record for all certified rosters and ensure that each Head Coach has a current certified roster.

 5.12.0  Parent Liaison

5.12.1  First in line to field concerns or complaints from parents.

5.12.2  Will try and resolve the problem to satisfy the party

5,12,3  If necessary, will bring in other board members to rectify complaint

 6.1.0    Coaches
Coaches shall conform to the Bylaws of the Ute Conference Inc. and the Murray District Bylaws as written or amended.
Murray District shall appoint one (1) Head Coach for each team. All coaches shall be of unquestionable character with a profound interest in and knowledge of football and the players.
Head coaches and their assistants shall at all times set a good example by their behavior for the players in their charge. They shall:

Refrain from profane or abusive language in the presence of the players.
Not critique players in front of spectators, but reserve constructive criticism for private or in the presence of the team so that all might benefit.
Accept decisions of officials on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials.
Not criticize the opposing team, its coaches, or fans by word, mouth, or gesture.
Not sanction “sweating down” tactics so that a player will make the team.  Sweating down includes the use of steam rooms, steam cabinets, rubber sweats, or any method to lose weight that is injurious to the health of the players.
Not permit a player to re-enter any game after being badly bruised or injured.
Abide by the medical personnel’s decision(s) in all matters of players' health, injuries, and ability to play.
Refrain from excessive sideline coaching and leaving the bench area to shout instructions from the sidelines.
Coaches are to abide by all decision made by the Board of Directors in regards to the team(s).

Coaches must be available to attend all scheduled practices, games and activities set forth by the District.
Coaches must have a working knowledge of the game of football; this is to be determined by the Coach Liaisons and President for the Murray District.
Coaches must meet all qualifications specified in the Ute Conference Inc. Bylaws as well as the Murray District Bylaws.

Head Coaches will be responsible for their team’s conduct at all times on practice and playing fields.
Head Coaches are responsible to inform the Board of Directors of any actions taken including disciplinary action, conflict resolution and complaint disputes involving any member of the coaching staff; team or parents.
Head Coaches will grant district representatives in charge of fund raising projects time with their teams upon request of the Board of Directors.
Head Coaches will be responsible for all equipment issued to their teams and for collection and return of such equipment at the conclusion of the season or at the request of the Board of Directors.
Head Coaches will be furnished with copies of the Ute Conference and Murray District Bylaws. They must ensure that their assistant coaches read and adhere to them.
Upon request coaches will be granted a full hearing before the Board of Directors at a time and location agreeable to all parties, concerning any problem that may arise or for any other valid reason.
Head Coaches are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their assistant coaches, players, parents and fans.
Head Coaches are responsible to secure a Team Mother.

Responsible for treat schedules.
Make copies and distribute schedules to players.
Assist teams with Team Pictures and distribute such pictures to players and parents.
Distribute district correspondence to team players and parents.

The teams’ head coaches will share responsibility and have equal authority to organize and oversee practices and practice fields until such time as the teams are split.

Team splits must be completed by the end of 2nd week of scheduled practice. The “A” team head coaches shall have first pick of up to twenty (20) players, which shall include the coaches’ children and at the President’s discretion any Board Member children of that age.
The “B”team head coaches shall have their choice of an equal number of players, which number shall include each head coach and assistant coaches’ children.
The Coach Liaisons will ensure all team splits are fair and equal between both teams.
Thereafter, each division head coach shall alternately select one (1) player, beginning with the “A” team until each player has been designated to a team.
If there is more than one (1) “B” team, the above rules will apply to the additional teams(s) with the order of selection sequence being designated by the President.
Notwithstanding the rules in this paragraph, upon unanimous agreement of the involved coaches and with the consent of the President, the team split procedures may be altered, within reason.

Teams must be split with equal numbers of players on each team.

If the number of players is odd, the final player will be placed on the “A” team, with the next sign-up being assigned to the “B” Team.
If the number of players is even, the next registrant will be assigned to the “A” team. This rotation will continue. No exceptions will be made.

Any player selected to play on a team must participate on that team.  No refunds will be given if the player elects not to play on his selected team and that player is not eligible to play in the Ute Conference for the remainder of that year.

Fees. The annual registration fee will be reviewed and set each year by a vote of the Board of Directors.  All fees are due at time of registration unless a Board approved financial arrangement has been made with the District President.

All fees shall be paid online, unless other arrangements have been made with the President or Treasurer.
Failure to pay fees or adhere to financial arrangements will result in player only getting the 10 play minimum  until fees are satisfied.

Refunds shall be governed by the following:

No refunds will be given after the 1st practice begin, except in the case of an injury.
In case of an injury, any refund will be decided solely at the discretion of the President.
All Ute conference equipment shall be turned in and accounted for before any refund is issued.

Get players to and from all scheduled practices and games. Ensure players wear only practice pants and jerseys to practices.
Refrain from walking onto the practice or playing fields, interrupting practices or games.
To prevent possible team penalties, removal from playing fields or permanent banishment from games or practices, refrain from verbal or physical abuse of coaches, players, officials, opposing fans and District Board Members.
Adhere to Ute Conference Inc. and Murray District Bylaws.

Attend all scheduled practices and games. Unexcused absences and chronic tardiness from scheduled practices may result in disciplinary actions to include suspension of one (1) or more games as deemed appropriate by the Head Coach and sanctioned by the Board.
Maintain and care for district uniforms and equipment.
Wear only practice jerseys to practices. Anyone wearing game uniforms will not be allowed to participate in practice.
Do not permanently alter any District equipment or uniforms.
No stickers allowed on helmets except league approved stickers
Return equipment at season’s end clean and free of debris (i.e. helmet stickers, tape, etc.)

All disputes, irregularities, inappropriate or questionable conduct and complaints concerning coaches, officials, players and parents shall first be handled by each individual team Head Coach. If the dispute or concerns cannot be satisfactorily handled by the Head Coach, the complaint shall be taken to the Coach Liaison(s) for further discussion and handling. If the dispute or concerns cannot be satisfactorily handled by the liaison(s), the written complaint shall be taken to the District President for the rendering of a decision. The decision made by the District President in any matter shall be final assuming that it conforms to the Bylaws of the District and the Ute Conference Inc.

At the close of each season, Murray District will have a suitable awards ceremony for coaches, players and parents if possible and approved by the President.

These Bylaws are in no way intended to supersede or interfere with the Bylaws of the Ute Conference Inc.  If these District Bylaws conflict with the Ute Conference Bylaws, the Ute Conference Bylaws shall govern.

 Ratified by the Murray District President and Murray District Board of Directors on March 24, 2017.



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                                                                                                Murray District President