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Who Can Participate?
All Murray youth is available to play and any child, boys and girls - ages 7 through 15 that lives in the Murray High School boundaries.  We do accept children that attend private schools with residence in the Murray boundaries too. And it is not required to have previous football experience at any grade level.District Map Link Here

We recommend for players to begin as early as they & their families are comfortable with. The Scout team - age 7 and 8 years old- is a great learning opportunity for the players, and teaches the fundamentals in a less competitive atmosphere. 

What kind of time commitment is Involved?
Football is a larger commitment than some sports due to the safety factors & training that is needed for the players to remain safe and competitive on the field.  They must be committed to the preseason and the entire football season. Games are currently held only on Saturdays, (9 weeks depending on the game schedule) Includes UEA weekend and Labor Day. And with practices throughout the week (depending on coach and team). We do ask all parents to volunteer approximately 4 hours of their time for Murray Youth Football, Concessions, Field Maintenance, Team Moms, Chain Gang, Gate personal, etc.  

What is the Policy on missing games or practices? 
Attendance will be at the discretion of the head coach. We do strongly recommend attendance for all practices & games, this is for the child. Committed is the goal to be a team player, if something comes up please talk to the head coach. 

What do we need to provide for the child?
Murray Youth Football provides the following equipment: Helmet, Shoulder Pads , Game Pants,  Home and Away Jerseys and socks,  (you will keep the Jerseys and socks after the season),   You will need to get your child cleats (molded) and at least 2 mouthpieces,  and athletic supporter.

We agree to be fully responsible for the return of the items of equipment issued; pads, games pants, and shoulder pads to the named player that is playing in Murray Youth Football, or pay the stated value of $315.00, plus buy out $30.00  plus all costs of collections. (including reasonable attorney fees plus interest) will be charged.


What is the Refund Policy?
The Ute Conference, as one entity, should have one specific refund policy throughout the Districts - FULL REFUND LESS $25.00 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE, PRIOR TO THE START OF PRACTICE SESSIONS.
No refunds will be given on or after the first day of practice / tryouts.
No Exceptions. 


Refund Insurance – Optional - Refund Insurance Available – $21.00 per registration – Non-transferrable - Refund Insurance must be purchased at the time of registration.

Cover Perils Include:
Sickness/Injury (on or off the field)
Inclement Weather - Season cancelled because of an act of nature
Uninhabitable residence – Home condemned by city, state or municipality
Traffic accident causing injury to player
Job transfer or Job layoff (Parent or Guardian)

What is not covered?
My player does not like practice and wants to quit
My player feels that practice is to hard and does not want to continue
The coach does not see my players talents and is not playing him enough
Parents and/or Player are dismissed from the Conference for disciplinary reasons

What safety do you teach for my child playing in Tackle Football?
Murray Youth Football is committed to have your child with the best advance player safety in the game of football.  A Player Safety coach has been chosen for the Murray District. This coach will provide additional Head-ups training and will help and teach other coaches to follow proper safety protocol.
All coaches are certified through USA Football, all coaches must attend Heads Up clinic and pass a test, teaching Heads Up Tackling, Blocking, Concussion Recognition and Heat Preparedness & Hydration. 
All Ute Conference games will have a certified medical trainer on staff and will assist and follow Ute Conference guidelines for safety procedures.

"Murray Youth Football is dedicated and committed to your child's safety."

Murray District board members, coaches, and volunteers are dedicated to inspire youth to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, fellowship, team cooperation and athletic competition.